Terms & Conditions

It is free for all organisations and individuals to receive job alerts and to search our online jobs and resume database.

Anyone wishing to advertise a job listing on Do Good Jobs will be required to pay for the listings, unless otherwise agreed.

About the Jobs Database

The aim of Do Good Jobs is to provide a networking tool for people wanting to find employment in this sector, and advertisers that are looking to fill a vacancy in organisations who have a vision contributing to positive change in the world.

Our database houses development related jobs as well as other causes such as environmental and community jobs, volunteer positions, health jobs, internships and contracts in the not-for-profit, charity, government and for-profit organisations (as long as they have a focus on positive change and are not solely profit focused).

The information provided below explains how you can use the jobs database both if you are looking for a job or if you want to advertise one. Make sure you read the terms and conditions at the end of this document.


What does it cost?

There is currently two payment structures for the submission of jobs onto the jobs database. Please see our Employers page for the options.

Pre-purchase of a job does not guarantee approval. Jobs which do not meet the criteria outlined below will not be published regardless of whether an organisation has an annual subscription or not.

Inappropriate or fraudulent jobs will not be validated under any circumstances.


How to Submit Work

Simply follow the steps here to create an employer account and add your job.

You will then need to complete the financial transaction through Paypal (using a credit card) before the job is approved. Alternatively you can request to be invoiced for your listing. Please contact us on [email protected] if you are unable to pay by these methods.

Once we have received notification of your listing, payment (if appropriate) and confirmed that the job offer meets the criteria outlined below, the job will be validated and posted to this website. We aim to have all jobs validated within 24 hours of submission.

All users must comply both with the specific terms and conditions detailed below and with the general Terms and Conditions of use.


General Terms and Conditions of Use

For employers advertising jobs

Do Good Jobs has the right to reject or remove any listings at its own discretion.

Do Good Jobs endeavours to check every listing that is submitted to ensure that listings meet the criteria outlined below. If, after it has been published, a listing is determined not to meet the criteria below it will be removed immediately and, in the case of fraudulent listings, users will be notified and warned. Any user posting false or fraudulent listings will be banned from submitting listings on the database.

It is up to those advertising job vacancies to check that such work meets our criteria and that their listings avoid any unlawful discrimination before they pay for listings or subscriptions. In cases of genuine misunderstanding Do Good Jobs will endeavor to refund listing fees, minus applicable banking costs. There will be no refund to organisations who in the opinion of this website have attempted to use the database for fraudulent or criminal purpose.


Listings must be linked to the causes listed below in order to be accepted:

  • must be either:
    • Development-related and/or be linked to the aid and development sector.
    • Environment-related and/or be linked to the environment sector.
    • Community-related (health, well being etc) and/or be linked to the community sector.
    • Aim to create positive social and environmental change.
    • Be a charity, not-for-profit, NGO, government agency or community group. Profit- businesses may still list roles if they do not operate solely for profit, and contribute in some way to social and environmental change (e.g a Fairtrade clothing company).

    If you are unsure of what constitutes the above work please email us to check.

    Listing that are not accepted:

    • Illegitimate activities -job that violate international law, break the law of countries where work is undertaken, or break applicable New Zealand law.
    • Military work, security services or oil industry roles.
    • Roles that are solely faith-based. However, roles with a primary focus in the development sector, environmental sector or community-related sectors will be accepted (e.g a community support role that helps feed the homeless, but is led by a faith-based group).
    • Organisations that promote discrimination or human rights violations.
    • Misleading listings – listings must only be for genuine work, contracts or volunteering opportunities.
    • Companies whose sole purpose is income-generation.
    • Listings for the purpose of defrauding others.


    Other Conditions

    Do Good Jobs reserves the right to refuse or remove listings from organisations that have been, or are currently, under investigation, either in New Zealand or overseas, for illegal conduct.

    Listings will be removed once the expiry date has passed.

    The maximum length of time any one job can be advertised on the job database is 30 days, unless further payment is made for the job listing, or unless the user has an unlimited job listing annual subscription.

    Users are not permitted to use one listing to advertise more than one job by changing job details and expiry dates.

    Those submitting listings accept full responsibility for the listings that they submit.

    Those using Do Good Jobs acknowledge that they do so at their own risk and agree that they will not hold Do Good Jobs liable for any negative outcomes relating from use of Do Good Jobs.

    By submitting work to Do Good Jobs you indicate that you agree with these terms and conditions.


    For People Using the Database to Look for Work

    While this website makes every effort to ensure that only genuine jobs are submitted on Do Good Jobs we cannot guarantee that this will be the case.

    The website does not guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, or reliability of listings submitted to the database. Those using Do Good Jobs acknowledge that they do so at their own risk and agree that they will not hold Do Good Jobs liable for any negative outcomes relating from use of the database.

If you believe any job listing does not meet our criteria or includes text that could be discriminatory, please contact us immediately and we will place the listing on hold until we have investigated further.

Users of Do Good Jobs must only use organisational contact details provided on listings for the purpose of responding to specific listings and must not use these details to send unsolicited emails or enter into other contact.

By using this jobs database you indicate that you agree with these terms and conditions.