Do Good Criteria

If you are unsure if your job vacancy fits Do Good Jobs criteria, please take our short quiz below, or see the full list of criteria below.

Our process

All new job listers are manually approved by the Do Good Jobs team. Once an organisation or account has been approved, all ads are published on payment.

Do Good Jobs reserves the right to withdraw any advert if it does not meet any of our criteria or is defined as an unacceptable listing.

We listen to our community, so if they see an issue with a job advert we will withdraw this listing and contact you to resolve this. You will be allowed to make changes to the listing to ensure it meets our criteria.

Read more about what makes a “good” job in our blog here.


Job criteria

Listings must be linked to the causes listed below in order to be accepted must be either:

  • development-related and/or be linked to the aid and development sector.
  • environment-related and/or be linked to the environment sector.
  • community-related (health, well being etc) and/or be linked to the community sector.
  • aim to create positive social and environmental change.
  • be a charity, not-for-profit, NGO, government agency or community group.
  • For profit businesses may list roles but must operate not only for profit, and contribute in some way to social and environmental change. We do accept listings from social enterprises and Certified B-Corps as this showcases this commitment.

Ads must also be for work or volunteer roles based in Oceania, or by Oceania organisations to fit our Kiwi target audience. Do Good Jobs have the right to allow overseas listings, but this will be at the admin’s discretion.

Advertisements that appear on Do Good Jobs do not in any way imply an endorsement of an employer or of any practices of that employer.

Unacceptable listings

There are a number of job listings that will not be accepted on this website which include:

  • Listings may not be for solely faith-based roles. However, if the primary focus of the role was in the development sector, environmental sector or community-related sector (Do Good Jobs criteria), it would be acceptable. For example, a community support role that helps feed the homeless, but is led by a faith-based group. We ask that you also review the Human Rights Act Section 21  and Section 28 (exceptions) to ensure your advert is not prohibited on grounds of discrimination.
  • Companies whose sole purpose is in regards to generating income, may not be considered appropriate for this website. If you are driven by a social aim 0r are a registered B-Corp, this is acceptable. Please contact us to discuss your role before listing.
  • Listings may not be for military, security services, multi-level marketing, networking marketing, tobacco, gambling or the fossil fuel/oil industry.
  • Organisations that promote discrimination or human rights violations may not submit listings. The Human Rights Act 1993 protects people in New Zealand from unfair discrimination in a number of areas – including in job listings. Read more on the Human Rights Commission’s website, including this handy reference guide aimed at ensuring equality and fairness for all job applicants.
  • Misleading listings – listings must only be for genuine work, contracts or volunteering opportunities.
  • Illegitimate activities – in the opinion of the website this means it does not involve violate international law, break the law of countries where work is undertaken, or break applicable New Zealand law.
  • Listings for the purpose of defrauding others.