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Figuring out what you are worth used to be a dark art. Thanks to the internet and ready access to salary surveys, you can be armed with the correct data to know what you are worth when negotiating a new job salary, or seeking a raise.

Here are some resources for helping you assess your salary. While some may not be specific to the charity sector, they can help shed some light on your value.

#1. Payscale

Payscale have a handy online salary wizard to help you view salary data. You can filter these results by experience and location to get a better idea of the low, high and median rates.

Check out this example for what you can see on the Payscale website.

There are also a few areas that might relate more to the Do Good sector:

Or check out their personalised salary report wizard here:



#2 Fundraising salaries

If you are in a fundraising role, then the Execucare and the Fundraising Institute’s salary review which is released every two years might be more relevant to you. 

The 2020 survey, with 403 respondents, showed a median salary rate of $83,000

#3. Hays Salary guide

Hays Salary Guide is also a great place to start gathering more information on your salary. You can download the full 2016 salary guide, or use their salary checker to see how your salary compares. Read more here: https://www.hays.net.nz/salary-guide/request-copy/index.htm 


#4. Hudson Salary guides

Another salary guide from Hudson with salary insights from Hudson’s consultants, clients and other sources from all over New Zealand.  It looks like a more limited number of sectors, but still some useful information. View it here: https://nz.hudson.com/salary-hub/salary-guides



#5. Trade Me Salary Guide

Trade me salary guide

Trade Me’s Salary Guide gives a quick insight into the average and highest earning potential for various professions from data for full-time roles listed on Trade Me Jobs.

#6. Careers.govt.nz

Careers.govt.nz is a great tool to find out which jobs and industries in New Zealand are paying the most, and how qualifications relate to earnings. It is also a great website for general information on your career.  And if you want to figure out what all this looks like after taking into account tax and Kiwisaver – try out this calculator.

#7. JB Were Cause Report

As an indication of the difference between the charity sector and the average wage in New Zealand, the recent JBWere New Zealand cause report showed that the average wage across the charity sector and across employment types is just under $41,000 per annum which compares to the average wage in New Zealand of around $59,000 (around a 30% difference). “While this partly reflects a high non full-time cohort….it is also partly due to many sectors being able to attract employees because of the cause they are supporting rather than the remuneration they are providing.”


Feeling like you aren’t earning enough?

A few years ago we asked Tilda from Execucare for her thoughts on how to negotiate some non-financial aspects of your salary in our “Ask An Expert: Creative Salary Negotiation” blog piece.

“Professional development, extra holidays and a mobile included in your job package? Whether going for a new job or feeling underpaid in your current role, similar principles apply for negotiating a salary; do your research, assess your skills, abilities and accomplishments and remember that knowledge is power – especially in negotiations!” Read more.

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