TwicePodcast#45: Nest Building While Egg Sitting, with Silva and Ants from Enspiral

Posted by | September 28, 2017 | Career spotlight, Charity sector insights, Good stuff

Twice podcast social enterprise

With this month’s focus on social enterprise, I dug into Twice Podcast’s treasure trove of chats to bring you a story about Ants and Silvia – makers and doers of good business – and members of Enspiral.

Enspiral is a decentralised network of people ‘working on stuff that matters’. They share frank and useful learnings on their journeys with Enspiral, the success and pain of developing a new model for adult education in New Zealand with Chalkle, grunge bands, with craft beer tasted along the way.


Listen in here:


About Twice Podcast:

My name is David and I am a digital radio addict

As if consuming many, many podcast shows and episodes wasn’t enough, I decided to explore the world of digital audio, to capture and share authentic long-form stories of people, organisations and companies striving to achieve great social impact outcomes. In August 2015, I started out by making six of my own podcasts – approached with the naiveté of ‘how difficult could it be?’ That was two years and fifty episodes ago…

Show details

TWICE (aka. two weeks in creative endeavour) is a fortnightly digital radio show. Produced and bootstrapped as a ‘love not money’ project. We serve up tightly edited, frank, entertaining, and insightful conversations capturing and revealing two guests stories and their journeys to now of social enterprisers, creatives and innovators with (usually) craft beer, every fortnight from Wellington, Aotearoa/New Zealand.  Because life’s too short for bad beer!

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TWICE is accessible for free by anyone with a smartphone, iPad or computer. Listen anywhere; while on your commute, at the gym, or when walking the dog, all for free. We rebroadcast a shortened 43-minute episode edit on Wellington Access Radio 106.1FM, Saturdays 6.15-7pm fortnightly.

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