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By Anissa Ljanta

It’s that time of the year again!

Whether you are low-key on holiday celebrations or go full-tilt with Christmas lights and music from October, we’re guessing you might still have a gift or two to buy.

Downsized Christmas gift giving– only buying for the kids in the family, or one person, rather than everybody buying for everyone – is one way to reduce the stress, is less taxing on the bank account and kinder on our earth’s resources. This makes an enormous pile of presents under the tree on Christmas morning a thing of the past – and what a relief that is!

New Zealanders send an extra 50,000 tonnes of waste to landfill over the Christmas week. Bringing the focus back to connection and meaning, family and friends, sharing good food (and finding the Christmas elf in awkward positions) is a good way to take the weight off our refuse collectors and landfills. Giving experiences (especially tourism ones that help keep this sector afloat) or supporting good projects are great ways to spread the love these holidays.

We wanted to share with you our top ten gifts to buy. These are either eco, essential products with a focus on NZ companies doing good in the world, or support for-purpose organisations doing some fabulous and much-needed work.

Here are our top ten goods that do good in the world:


1. Good Bitches Baking Kindness Spread

This collab with Fix & Fogg and Fresh As is pure genius. Chocolate Almond spread with freeze-dried Black Doris plum sprinkles? Sign me up!

$25 – and you get to support the great work of Good Bitches Baking.


2. Give a tree

Trees that count have a range of 16 ecards for you to choose from. They match the native trees you gift to a planting project and let the recipient know where their tree will be planted.

$10 per native tree.


3. Emma Makes pencil set

Created by the amazing Emma herself, these pencil sets are themed with messages engraved on the side. We like the climate change and I can’t adult today sets, but there’s something for everyone.

A set of 5 pencils is $14.



4. Arrosta reusable coffee bags

Perfect for the Zero-waster and/or style conscious person on your buying list. Made from a base of kraft paper and latex these are machine washable and last up to five years!

Prices start from $24.90.


5. Subs Jandals

Support the good work of Sustainable Coastlines and buy a sustainable take on that kiwi classic, the jandal. Subs uses ocean plastic waste and transforms it into a usable product.



6. Christmas Cookie Bundle from The Cookie Project

This is a social enterprise that employs people from the disability community to make their delicious cookies.

$29.90 for a Christmas bundle with three flavours.


7. The Good Registry gift card


The ultimate in do good giving. No waste AND you get to support charities. Give a Good Gift Card. You pick the amount, from ten to a hundred dollars. It’s easy!


8. *Honeysticks Bath colour drops

The kids love these! It’s the natural version of bath bombs – from the maker of the famous Honeysticks crayons. No mess, no residue and 100% fun.


*This is an affiliate link with EcoWarehouse. See note below!


9. Artisanal candles from Downlights

A beautiful selection of luxury fragranced soy candles. These are all hand poured and offer employment opportunities for young adults with Down Syndrome and intellectual or learning disabilities.

Range of prices from $19.99


10. *Aroha by Dr Hinemoa Elder

This gem of a book is full of wisdom and insight, given through 52 whakatauki – simple, powerful life lessons, one for every week. Each one is retold by respected Maori psychiatrist Dr Hinemoa Elder to show how we can live a less stressful daily life, with more contentment and kindness for each other and the planet.

$30 *

*This is an affiliate link with Mighty Ape. See note below!


And a top tip – check on families that might be struggling financially this Christmas, and the solo and single parents in your circles – especially if it’s their first. You could grow the holiday magic in your neighbourhood and do a secret santa drop to their doorstep or letterbox. Have fun!

*These are affiliate links which means if you click the link and subsequently make a purchase, we will earn a commission that helps support Do Good Jobs, but you’ll pay nothing extra. Supporting Do Good Jobs and doing good. Win-win!“



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Anissa is an online content and comms specialist with a long history in the not-for-profit sector both here in NZ and internationally.   She is on the board of her small local community library, is part of a delightful book club, several writers’ groups, and her idea of a fun Saturday night involves writing and wine. Words, social change and deep ecology are at the centre of her life.

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