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Soil & Health is the largest membership organisation supporting organic food and farming in New Zealand. It has around 2000 members and is one of the oldest organic organisations in the world.

Soil & Health promotes organic farming and works on many issues surrounding health, safe food, pesticides, genetic engineering, sustainable development and organic food production. The membership includes home gardeners and consumers, commercial growers and farmers, processors, retailers, restauranteurs, and health practitioners.
Soil & Health was founded in 1941 as The Humic Compost Club by Dr Guy Chapman. The founding committee was concerned with the poor state of national nutrition due to the low priority given to sustainability and organic farming and growing practices. Education and promotion of the use of compost to home gardeners and commercial farmers has been one of the organisation’s core activities since its inception.

In 1942, the first issue of the Compost Club Magazine was printed, which over the years evolved into New Zealand’s leading organic magazine, Organic NZ. This authoritative magazine is read by members and sold in retail outlets throughout New Zealand. It educates people about producing and eating healthy and safe food in New Zealand. It is supported by a website and a Facebook page with over 10,600 followers.

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