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We are an International Congregation of religious women within the Catholic Church. We are established in thirty countries throughout the world including in Herne Bay, Auckland, Jeanne Jugan, a French religious woman who was known as Sister Mary of the Cross, founded the Little Sisters of the Poor in 1839. Due to the great need of her times: men and women, aged and poor, were without shelter, food or clothing. Jeanne took them into her own home and cared for them, eventually going out to beg for food and money. The Little Sisters still receive only the aged with minimal resources, and thus the custom of begging continues daily.

It has always been the philosophy of the Little Sisters to make our Homes “a home” – “my home” – for the elderly, with whom we form a true family. We have never considered ourselves just as an Institution or a Residential Care Facility, and strive to give the best of care to Our Aged Brothers and Sisters.

In the same way that couples make marriage vows, the Little Sisters make religious vows in the service of God. Important among them is the vow of “Hospitality” by which we promise to care for the Aged Poor as we would Christ himself.



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