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GoodMooty is an online social community platform which exists to bring Hope and Support.

Our community approach is based on compassion, kindness and support of others. All bundled under the common banner of love. This is the universal language understood and practiced by people from every nationality, culture, language and religion. It has a faith-based origin with a total tolerance and empathy towards our fellow man. Recognizing that everyone is a valued human being, different in our own ways, yet all with common hopes, dreams and aspirations for our lives.

GoodMooty is an advertisement-free, totally anonymous and non-judgmental community in which people are encouraged to openly admit that things aren’t going the best for them right now. None of us are perfect, or have all the answers. That’s why we often struggle. But in good company there is a willingness and enthusiasm to embrace positive change in our lives

Mission Statement:

.As a foundational principle GoodMooty passionately believes:

– Everyone matters and is equally valuable
– Everyone can belong to something or someone
– Everyone has purpose and a reason for living
– Everyone should have hope in any situation
– Everyone can live freely and safely with dignity

We have provided a social community platform in which everyone can engage with their head, their heart and their hands.  By responding to and actively engaging with the GoodMooty community, everyone has the opportunity to become inspired and discover a renewed hope and a better future for themselves.  Out of the sea of pain, suffering, disappointment, isolation and sadness that surrounds them.  That is why we exist!



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Mental Health

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