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Empowering working people and our communities for a better life.

E tū is a democratic union representing tens of thousands of people who work in eight industries. Together we fight for fair pay and conditions on the job.

Our name comes from a Māori waiata:

E tū kahikatea
Hei whakapae ururoa
Awhi mai awhi atu
Tātou tātou e

Stand like the kahikatea tree
To brave the storms
Embrace and receive each other
We are one together

When you join E tū you’re gaining strength on your worksite and the support of E tū members across New Zealand. And because you’re standing together with your workmates, you get a real say at your workplace.

As the biggest private sector union in New Zealand, E tū provides members with services like workplace representation, legal advice, a freephone support centre, education on workrights and a political voice.

E tū is a campaigning and organising union. We work together to improve everyone’s lives and create fair and just workplaces and communities.

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