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You might think of LinkedIn as just an “online resume site” or “the boring social networking site”, but now with over 575+ million members it’s a heavyweight in the online networking scene.

LinkedIn has allowed you and your connections to be visible and these have powerful benefits.


But how can you make LinkedIn work for you?

Managing a strong LinkedIn presence is possible; you only need to know how to begin. Here are some fundamental ways to help you start and get your profile to All-Star levels.


Create an Attention-grabbing Header

Not a lot of people know this; but you can change your header to say whatever you want. Pretty exciting! This prime location is often a wasted opportunity. Now you can start creating an awesome LinkedIn header by sharing your own personal branding statement.

Usually filled by default in LinkedIn with your current job title and company, you can now showcase your creativity and the value you provide. 120 characters is all you have to get your message across, but the right header will pull in more attention from the audience you’d like to reach.

Just click the little pen icon next to the header in your profile to start editing – what are you waiting for?


Write a Killer Summary

I am a responsible, hard-working, reliable team-worker…zzzzzzzzz..I’m sorry, did you just nod off too? Well, as this is how most summaries on LinkedIn start, there must be a lot of “nodding off” happening online. I don’t know why, but when describing themselves everyone reverts to boring “business-speak”.

So how do you have a more engaging summary? Tell people your story. Everyone loves a good story. How did you get to where you are now? Where do you get the most energy in your field of expertise? What makes you excited to do what you do? How do you love helping people? Become a real person through your profile summary. Don’t over-use the same boring words or follow the same stuffy template as everyone else does. This is guaranteed to have the reader snoring in the first sentence!


Snap a Great Profile Photo

A good photo maybe more important than you think. It’s your online representation which everyone uses to form an opinion of you. According to a recent study, we’re a fickle bunch when it comes to who we find likeable. We prefer a particular type of smile and perceive anyone in formal wear as highly competent and influential.

So you know that pic you took on your last holiday to Rarotonga, where you can still see your friend’s shoulder? Yes, I know you think it’s your best picture and it’s fine for Facebook, but it’s time to ditch it on LinkedIn. It’s not doing you any favours.

So how do you crack the profile photo code? Dress formally with a plain background, be sure to have a big genuine smile with eye contact (extra tip: learn to squinch!)


All-Star Levels through connections and recommendations

LinkedIn now have a handy tool to help you get to All-Star levels. It’s refreshed the Profile Completeness section, and is designed to encourage you to add as much info as possible.

You achieve ‘All Star’ status by completing all sections of your Profile and by having Recommendations and a good number of Connections. So, it’s time to get a few old work colleagues and friends to give you some skill endorsements and even write a short recommendation to increase the strength of your profile. These might grow with time, but if the minutes are ticking by, why not actively seek out people to endorse you.


LinkedIn is a phenomenal way to make connections and promote yourself professionally. Be sure to use the tips in this article to stand out of the crowd. We’d love to know if you any other thoughts on how to use LinkedIn. Please feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks!

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by C.J. Milburn

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