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You’re being checked out. Unfortunately not in the way you want.

You may not be aware but your social networking accounts are being scrutinised by company recruiters and possible employers.

Online social media is here and part of our modern lives. We are more connected to the world than ever before in history. We have ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ and are always in the pursuit of ‘likes’.

However in a job-seeking role, a single ‘tweet’ can make or break you. Let’s explore some tips to make sure you are represented at your best.

Why it’s happening.

Your CV is like your interview suit – smart, polite and formal. Whereas your social media accounts are more like your weekend-off outfit. You know, your comfy sweatpants, favourite t-shirt and ugg boots. It’s informal and relaxed.

Checking someone’s social media accounts is great way to get the inside story about someone’s personality. You can’t blame recruiters for wanting a peek behind the facade of a fancy suit and swish CV.

A survey by Reppler which involved 300 individuals in the hiring process, found that 91% of employers screen Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In profiles of prospective candidates.

69% of those companies are rejecting a candidate because of what they saw about them on a social media site. They are basing their decisions on:

  • Inappropriate photos or comments
  • Posting content about themselves drinking
  • Posting negative comments about a previous employer
  • Untruthful about qualification

It’s pretty simple really. Don’t post while you’re drunk. Don’t be negative about your previous boss (as it’s you who comes off looking bad) and please don’t lie.

Yikes, do I have to be boring now?

Social media is supposed to be fun and engaging. Ten years on since the launch of Facebook everyone’s a little wiser.

We’ve realised social media can be used in a far more powerful ways besides sharing what you had for dinner, such as:

  • Support from online communities
  • Keeping informed with current news
  • Sharing ideas
  • Networking with professionals
  • Used as a Job search tool

In a study by CareerBuilder  51% of employers wanted to know if the prospective employee would be a good fit for the company culture.

What’s also interesting, is that only 12%of employers surveyed were looking for reasons not to hire the candidate.

So no, you don’t have to be boring, just ask yourself would you like your grandmother to read this? Or, would you like this content to be shared by other people?

How to look good on social media.

Basically, employers want to know that beside your qualifications, you are a cool, well-rounded person to work with. They are checking on your social media to get a better idea of your personality.

So build a picture of someone they’d enjoy being around for 8 hours a day.

On Facebook

  • You could share your hobbies and/or sporting interests.
  • Share those photos of your latest hiking trip or the baking you did in the weekend.
  • Post your successes and achievements.

On Twitter

  • Be witty and engaging to show your great sense of humour.
  • Re-tweet useful or related content to your interests or work.
  • Keep up to date with current industry trends.

On Linked-In

  • Use a smart professional photo.
  • Join groups that interest you.
  • Comment on articles that are related to your career.
  • Spend some time crafting a decent Linked-In profile

Your digital footprint will last a lifetime. Everything you post online is viewed by not only your friends, but future employers and the world. So be sure to present the best of you!

If you have any other ideas how to look good on social media let us know in the comments below.


By C.J Milburn

C.J Milburn is the creator and chief blogger at She loves to share her own job search and career experiences in hope that it helps at least one person out there in the world. She’s often asked why she’s smiling without even realising it, indulges in too many cookies and loves to sing with her baby niece (not that she’s any good!).

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