It’s a Candidates’ Market –and the perfect time to look for a new role

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By Julia Capon

Over the past few months we’ve been connecting with a lot of Kiwi employers and recruiters and are hearing that here in New Zealand “it’s a candidates’ market” at the moment.

We are in a very lucky position compared to the rest of the world, where in many countries it is the opposite and is a hirer’s market.


What does a Candidates’ Market mean?

If you have been checking out Do Good Jobs lately you will be noticing the huge number of job vacancies we currently have on the website. We’ve had the highest number of jobs ever advertised for the third consecutive month in a row.  Exciting stuff!

At the same time we are also hearing from employers and recruiters that they are receiving fewer job applications on their listings. Seek New Zealand’s statistics for May 2021 also verify this, and show that job applications via their website fell 11% month-on-month in May.


It means there are more jobs available than people looking!

There are few factors contributing to this:

  • With our borders closed, we have fewer people on short-term work visas filling various job opportunities.
  • Our unemployment rate is currently 4.7% (we were sitting at a low rate of around 4% last year before Covid, and there were predictions of double-digit unemployment, which thankfully has not eventuated). We are in a much better position than many other countries.


What does this mean for you as a job seeker?

A Candidate Driven Market gives job seekers the upper hand. Top calibre talent have more choice on where they will work, and they also have the opportunity to negotiate for better pay and perks – from four-day work weeks, to extra holidays and more.

In our last survey in May 2021, we asked people about their current job seeking status. 44% of respondents were open to a new job if the right one came along. So if you fall into this category, now might be the time to take a closer, more active look at the vacancies on Do Good Jobs.

Or if you have friends who constantly moan about their jobs, be a Do Good friend and point out good job opportunities to them. You are our biggest advocates and time and time again we hear from success stories whose friends alerted them to a great opportunity!


Does this mean your next job search will be a walk in the part? 

Not necessarily.

While there might be plenty of employment opportunities at the moment, this doesn’t mean you can expect to walk into a great job tomorrow.

There are industries which are seeing more job opportunities – according to Seek, the top three growth categories include education and training, engineering and resources and energy.

And while some employers might be scrambling to find goodies, not all opportunities are equal. Not all organisations will appeal to you, your situation, your skills, or your values.

If you are looking for a values-led role, then Do Good Jobs is the place to look to help tick this box.

And remember that this Candidate Driven Market could change quickly. This could be due to our borders opening up or a cool-down in the economy. The pool of job opportunities could decrease.

Now is the time to make the most of this candidate-driven, vacancy-filled market. Get active in your job hunt, see what is out there, sign up for our job alerts (either /sign-up or register page), polish up that CV or Linkedin profile and if you get a job offer and have a few offers on the table, consider negotiating. Do Good Jobs has lots of resources to help you with this, check out our blog for tips, tricks and advice. Being part of the Do Good Jobs community means you get handy updates like this one, that could help you land your dream role. Keep checking in as we update you on what’s going on out there.

Best wishes in this current candidate-driven market! You’ve got this!

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