Inspiring To Lead

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Inspiring to Lead

Guest post: James McCulloch, Director of Leadership at Inspire Group

Over the past 16 years, Inspire Group has provided learning and leadership development solutions for 1000’s of leaders across New Zealand and Australia.

Through this, and our own extensive international leadership journeys in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, the Inspire team knows what great leadership looks and feels like.

Our approach

Whilst the clients, sectors and challenges may vary. Our belief is that leadership is simply a way of being, not a sequence of doing things. It’s about the how, rather than the what.  Because of this, we infuse three key themes through all our leadership solutions:


Inspire To Lead Blog Post


It’s about context over content, subject matter experience rather than just ‘expertise’, continual growth and reflection, and a practical grounding in how this can help me today.

This approach isn’t just preferable; it’s essential. Simply look at what McKinsey say about why many leadership development interventions fail.


But there’s a problem

Given my background as a not-for-profit leader in the United Kingdom and New Zealand, I was acutely aware of just how much this type of leadership development is needed in smaller organisations and not-for-profits. This sector is so inspiring in terms of the miracle impacts it achieves, and often with minimal resources.

We also know that many leaders in this sector are missing out on our programmes – particularly in the 97% of New Zealand organisations that have fewer than 20 employees.

At Inspire Group we decided that we must do something.


Inspiring to Lead

We’re delighted to now offer our three of our most impactful and requested programmes to any organisation and leader. All three programmes include a huge blend of leadership interventions that we know always hit the spot.

Mindset to Lead: exploring how a growth mindset can help you in all aspects of leadership and life whether you are a people leader, or not.

Coaching to Lead: enabling everyone to grow their confidence to lead others through great coaching, mentoring and sharing of skills.

Emerging to Lead: empowering anyone who has the potential to influence and lead, through providing a solid foundation to define their way of being as a leader.

Above all, Inspiring to Lead offers the opportunity for anyone to now experience why Inspire’s tailored, blended and simple approach grows minds, leaders and lives – at a fraction of the cost we’ve previously charged for custom programmes. Typically, this can involve a diverse blend of digital, workshops, coaching and reflective practice – but always developed through a process tailored to the client and context.

But we wanted to go further: What if our programmes had a choice of location and date, facilitator, access to on-demand digital content, a manager guide pack to further enhance impact, as well as online forums and evaluation?

We are incredibly proud of our impact and results.  Take a look out our new Inspiring to Lead programme here and get in touch to see if what we offer might suit you, or your organisation.


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