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Great business, doing good

Posted by | September 13, 2017 | Good causes, Good stuff

Great business doing good

Following on from last week’s blog with Good Sort, Anake Goodall, we asked for his thoughts on Kiwi examples of a really good social enterprise.


Kilmarnock Enterprises

One of Anake’s favourites is Christchurch’s Kilmarnock Enterprises.

It offers constructive and meaningful work for people with disabilities and was forced to go through a major rethink of its own mission when it lost the contract a few years ago to make ANZAC poppies.

Under the leadership of CEO Michelle Sharp, Kilmarnock Enterprises has reinvigorated itself, creating new businesses that deliver services to corporate clients who pay commercial rates.

These include contracts with Air New Zealand, to repackage sterilised headphones into plastic bags for re-use on the carrier’s flights. Food packaging for supermarket chains is another function.

Such has been its success, Kilmarnock has just shifted into a new, purpose-built $10 million facility.

“Kilmarnock’s a classy example of a mission-driven at-scale business, which is financially self-sustaining, and is carrying out real value adding functions while delivering positive externalities,” says Anake.

Nutrient Rescue

Another mission-driven venture is Nutrient Rescue (which Anake chairs) whose impact model is to focus on improved family nutrition through planet-healing products and supply chains.

“Nutrient Rescue is an early stage company. It is focussed on contributing to improving both the natural environment and individual health, and proving that genuinely generative activity is both possible and financially rewarding. This is the very model of the successful socially-responsible enterprises of the future,” he says.

+ More Kiwi Social Enterprises

Pledgeme, a Kiwi crowdfunding platform used by many social enterprises to access funds, loans or equity, have recently crowdsourced a NZ social enterprise list (view it here:

“When the Social Enterprise World Forum comes to Christchurch in September, it’ll mark a major milestone for the social enterprise movement here in New Zealand. We think it’s awesome for the industry, but it’s got us thinking. Relying on a big one off global event like that to create massive (but temporary) exposure for Kiwi-grown organisations who care isn’t enough. We need to do more. Social enterprise is about many small steps from many people to collectively solve our big challenges. It’s not just about one-off events, but about every day actions.” – Pledgeme

If you know of a social enterprise that’s not already on this list, join the crowd and add to it!



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