Eight ways to change career

Posted by | March 16, 2016 | Find your mission, How I got my dream job, How to change jobs

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The precursor to considering a change of career is discontent. Sometimes we suffer years of it before we take action. We humans are complex creatures, but getting to the bottom of your ennui is the foundation to creating a better life.

Sometimes people make massive changes to create a different work life only to realise their discontent remains. With that in mind, it is wise to get clear on what you really want. A total career change might not be necessary. What is at the root of your unhappiness or discontent? What do you need that you aren’t getting?

If need to know your work is doing good in the world, cutting your hours and taking on satisfying volunteer work might bring some sunshine into your life. If you are bored and need a challenge, a step up into management within the same industry might give you the job satisfaction you crave.

If, for example, you want to become a counsellor, but can’t stomach the idea of going back to uni for another 5 years, ask yourself what it is about counselling that attracts you? Being of service, helping people? Or perhaps you love the intricacies of the human mind? Okay. Find another way in. Could you work as a life coach? Retrain in an alternative therapy? Run a retreat centre? Think out of the box.

Sometimes it is not our work life that needs to change, it’s an attitude shift or a different outlook. If you do decide that your current line of work needs to go, working with a careers counsellor, life coach or a wise friend to help you explore your discontent and unleash the possibilities can be invaluable. Once you identify your career path needs tweaking there are many ways to change career path.

Here are eight ways to shake it up:

#1. Learn new skills through volunteer work
Event organising, writing, social media work and management skills are all examples of skills that can be learnt on the job. Volunteer experience gives you much needed experience on your CV.

#2. Save up money and vacation time
Spend your holidays or take a sabbatical from work to try on a new career.

#3. Stay with the same job title
..but work for an NGO or socially progressive company for better job satisfaction.

#4. Learning and networking
Spend your holidays, evenings and weekends learning new skills and networking connections, then make the jump to your new career.

#5. Ask a friend
Ask a friend to pull some strings to get you in the door of a new company/industry

#6. Go back to school.
Yup. This is doing things the old fashioned way. Some people like the thorough approach and some careers demand it.

#7. Go side-ways
Look around in your company…Investigate ways into another field through learning in-house. If you are a valued employee perhaps your employers would support your retraining. It has been known to happen. It’s worth asking.

#8. Make the most of maternity
Use that maternity leave to transform your work life into a remote one. Journalism, small businesses, virtual assistant work and project management are just a few examples of careers that work from a home office. Spend your holidays, evenings and weekends learning new skills and networking connections, then make the jump to your new career.


Remember that old maxim, ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’? Get the vision of what you want clear, do your research then map out the steps to get there and go for it. Set yourself weekly goals. Aim for change in a year. You can do it.

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