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Do Good Chats: How to love Mondays

Posted by | May 3, 2021 | Ask an expert, Career changers, Do Good Chats, Find your mission, For your career, How to be awesome at your job, How to make your job a 'do good' job, Inspiration, Job hunters

Do you suffer from a case of the Monday morning blues? Wondering if there’s more to life than this? Maybe you already work in the for-purpose space, and while you have purpose in your work, the passion and happiness you used to feel in your role has faded?

This month I talk with Jess Stuart, about her new book “I Love Mondays: a guide to finding joy in our work”. Her book provides actionable steps and tips to help map out your passion, strengths and values, so you can make the changes needed to make sure you love your Mondays!

We discussed the following:

☑️ Jess’s story and how she learned to find work she loves [0:40] 

☑️ What sticking in a role that you don’t love does to you [2:57]

☑️ Misalignment with purpose [4:37]

☑️ Ways to find joy in your work [5:25]​  

☑️ Stories of change [7:53]​ 

☑️ Knowing yourself [10:34]

☑️ Compassion fatigue in the for-purpose sector [13:46]

☑️ Imposter syndrome [14:42]