Do Good Chat: How to Land a Job That Makes Enormous Impact: Fundraising (with Tilda Bostwick)

Posted by | September 24, 2020 | Ask an expert, Career changers, Charity sector insights, For your career, How I got my dream job, How to be awesome at your job, How to change jobs, How to make your job a 'do good' job, Job hunters, Live, Looking for work

Do you want an (almost) guaranteed way to break into the not-for-profit sector?

One that often doesn’t require a formal qualification, is ALWAYS in demand, has limitless potential for the right people, attractive salary packages, is dynamic and has the potential to make an ENORMOUS impact?

Watch this Do Good Live chat with guest Tilda Bostwick about fundraising as a career path. Find out:

  • why it’s an ESSENTIAL skill to develop in the not-for-profit space
  • the types of careers available (hint: it’s not just street collectors or door knockers!)
  • how much fundraising professionals can earn
  • the kinds of corporate roles that can easily transition into this space

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