How to make your life magical in 2018…scientifically validated

While we promote the notion of there being magic in working in a do good environment, it is different when talking about the value of magic itself. Science gives us clear answers to deal with challenges. Which is all well and good – except that we’re not very scientific creatures. Our brains have this funny […]

Interesting Times Ahead

Care Worker Salaries: Interesting Times Ahead

  Guest post: Lyn, StrategicPay. — With the settlement in April 2017 for care workers, organisations in the not-for-profit sector directly affected will face some interesting challenges over the next 12 months and further into the future. This settlement affects 55,000 employees spread across many organisations, but is concentrated in the Health Sector. The initial […]

A week of attention brought to mind

The nationwide Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) runs next week from 9 – 15 October 2017. New Zealand’s one of more than 150 countries making a special effort to alert and encourage people to be more mindful of mental health issues over the specific seven days. It is run by the Mental Health Foundation, a […]