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It’s time for a mid-year check-in

We’re halfway through the year. Yikes! I am not quite sure how it’s been six months since Christmas but here we are. It’s a good time to dust off goals and intentions from the New Year and reflect on the year so far. Or in gardener-speak, do a bit of weeding and pruning, and feed […]

Good Sort: Laurie Foon

GOOD PROFILE: Laurie Foon, Sustainability advocate Named the Kiwibank Local Hero Award in 2017, Laurie’s warmth, generosity, smarts and incredible personal connections make her a natural leader of Wellington’s sustainable business revolution. Here’s a quick run-down of Laurie’s career, and what drives her! Current job(s): She is currently the Wellington Regional Manager for the Sustainable Business […]

TwicePodcast#44a: Jingo, Mental Health and Refugees

With this month’s theme on Mental Health we wanted to share Twice Podcasts chat with Marianne and Murdoch, as they discuss Mental Health, Refugees and Beer. Get the inside and authentic stories of two fine sorts driving people-powered change and working to double NZ’s refugee quota. With beer on the side. Marianne is a self-described […]

TwicePodcast#45: Nest Building While Egg Sitting, with Silva and Ants from Enspiral

With this month’s focus on social enterprise, I dug into Twice Podcast’s treasure trove of chats to bring you a story about Ants and Silvia – makers and doers of good business – and members of Enspiral. Enspiral is a decentralised network of people ‘working on stuff that matters’. They share frank and useful learnings on their journeys […]

Anake Goodall

Good Sort: Anake Goodall – “Bringing what I can to wicked problems”

If someone in Aotearoa New Zealand was to be given the honorary title of godfather of social enterprise, Anake Goodall would be pretty high on the list. The Christchurch based ‘doer’ self-describes as “bringing what I can to wicked problems.” “I’w really interested in governance for social change, and being a driver at the community […]

Good Sort: Becca Harvey, Fred Hollows

From roadie wannabe to accounts superstar, and now the People and Capability manager at Fred Hollows – working to ensure there is a solid team in place to ensure no one stays needlessly blind in the Pacific. I chatted with Good Sort Becca to get her thoughts on the not for profit space, HR insights […]

Gina remove lifehack

Good sort: Gina Rembe

Life-hacking, marketer and a do-good job success story (hoo-rah!). Gina spends her time at Lifehack – an experiment ground for improving youth wellbeing. She shares her career story, pivots and the time her job title included Chief Popcorn Maker…   Where were you working before you started this job? I’m from Berlin and after studying […]

Ashlee Gross overseas volunteering VSA

Good Sort: Ashlee Gross on volunteering and snorkelling

About a year ago, I profiled my good friend and co-working desk buddy Ashlee on her role with Neighbours Day Aotearoa. Since then she has left behind weekend scrambled eggs on sourdough brunches in favour of snorkelling, bushwhacking, 27-degree heat with “one million percent humidity” and the “best job” she’s ever had volunteering with Volunteer Service Abroad […]

Good Sort: Tyler Wickham

Tyler is a do-good success story who has moved from a volunteer role to paid employment. Today, he is a volunteer coordinator at IHC, managing their volunteer programme. Who better to give the low-down on how he managed this move, and how to make a great impression when you volunteer. — Can you tell us more about the […]

Good sort: Justin Purser, Food Manager at Trade Aid

Here is one goodie I can personally vouch for, and have had the absolute pleasure of working with. My first role, green from University, was at Trade Aid Importers in Christchurch. In my marketing role, I worked closely alongside Justin Purser, the Food Manager. For the past 25 years, Justin has worked at Trade Aid Importers […]

Sean Weaver Ekos

Good sort: Sean Weaver

  Charlotte Squire talks with environmental scientist and Ekos founder Dr Sean Weaver about carbon financing, saving rain forests and how to turn your world changing dreams into an “enduring reality.”  We start our interview with a series of hand-made fart noises, because Sean Weaver likes to keep things real (see picture above of Sean […]

Challenges in leading in the not for profit world

Last week I was invited to an event titled “Challenges Leading in the Not for Profit World” hosted by McLaren Associates (a recruitment company, with a focus on the not for profit world) alongside Inspire Group. The speaker at the event was Terry Shubkin the CEO (a.k.a Chief Excitement Officer) of Young Enterprise Trust, a […]

Good Sort: Liz Kemp

“I enjoy working with people, seeing the improvement in tenants lives as well as their homes. I realise how important it is for people to have a stable, safe and well maintained home and how this contributes to their wellbeing in other aspects of their lives” – Liz Kemp Liz is the Housing Officer for […]

Good Sort: Rod Baxter

Rod Baxter is a long-time youth worker who has just landed a job as New Zealand Red Cross’s National Youth Development Advisor. Tessa Johnstone caught up with him just before the move as he reflected on how he’d ended up staying 14 years in one organisation, and what he had learned along the way. Youth […]

Good Sort: Marianne Elliot

  I don’t think anyone ever said to me “Find the place where you thrive.” I always thought I had to find the place where I could have the most impact, do the most good.  But, I’m learning, you have the most impact if you are thriving.    A writer, yoga teacher, human rights advocate, […]

Good sort: Emily Dowding-Smith

Corporate lawyer,  turned explorer, writer, environmental change agent and much more… including, you know, just snorkeling across the Arctic to raise awareness about disappearing sea ice. Emily’s dream is that every New Zealander has healthy food on their table that is better for people, our waterways, soils and oceans. Through her role at the Sustainable […]

Do Gooder Chat: Anna Watson

When I sat down with Anna Watson at the iconic central Wellington Lido café, we got straight into chatting about careers, passions and the hopeful blending of those into one. She began by referring me to David Sedaris’ “Four Burners Theory”, shared on Do Good Jobs, a theory on life that had recently caught her […]

Do-Gooder Chat: Paul Bedggood

Paul Bedggood is the Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA) Programme Manager based in Bougainville. He’s also a three-time VSA volunteer and all-round good guy (so much so that the word is even embedded in his name!). The VSA Programme Manager role calls for people prepared to turn their hand to anything, from mingling with ministers and diplomats […]

Do-Gooder Chat: Ashlee on why everyone needs good neighbours

Everybody needs good neighbours – and I don’t mean this in an Australian soap opera kind of way (though I was a huge fan back in the Kylie and Jason days!). Right now, my desk neighbour at my co-working spot at the Bizdojo is Ashlee. And guess what? Ashlee is a Do Good Jobs success […]

Do-Gooder Chat: Marion Wood

Marion Wood has been involved in so many do-good causes – from fair trade to organics, treaty issues to international development. A