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The inside scoop on: Government Jobs

If you thought for-purpose only meant working for NGOs or B-corps, think again and let me introduce you to the first blog on government jobs in a series that dives into the different kinds of roles available in Aotearoa. Could a government job be your next career move? What are Government Jobs: The ‘government’ in […]

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Itchy Feet and Empty Desks

34% of our community are considering heading overseas to work in the next 12 months. Find out what that means for employers.

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In a nutshell: Grant Thornton NFP sector report

You don’t have to read the most recent Grant Thornton Not for Profit Sector Report because we did it for you. We’ve created a condensed version here that takes two minutes to read and discusses some VERY IMPORTANT challenges the industry will face in the upcoming years.

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‘Soft Skills’ are Power Skills

What qualities does every employer seek for in a candidate? Set yourself apart from the competition by developing the core soft skills that employers look for.

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Reverse Referencing- The New Normal?

Reverse referencing can be a good thing for employers. After all, a positive recommendation from a current employee may be sufficient to persuade an applicant to accept a job offer they may otherwise have turned down.

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You’ve found your WHY; now find your WHO

The greatest organisation for you is one that shares your values, goals, and work style, and there are things you can do to improve your chances of finding that organisation.

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Labour Market Update – When the Going Gets Tough….

It’s time for another update to our Do Good Employers series, given the continued volatility of the labor market. We recognise that the present market is challenging, and these updates are meant to educate rather than discourage you.

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To B or not to B Corp?

Do you know what is a B Corp? This blog will help you discover what it means and what to think about before entering the B Corp world.

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Turning Around A Toxic Work Culture

A toxic workplace can negatively impact your employees’ experience, making them unproductive, ill, and ready to leave. With this in mind, here are a few crucial strategies for changing a toxic workplace culture.

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Top Ten For-Purpose Dream Jobs

Working for a non-profit organization can be a thrilling experience. You’re part of a group of people that are passionate about making the world a better place, and each day is a step closer to that objective. Check out our guide to the top ten contemporary For-Purpose dream jobs and see if one of these jobs match your skills.

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The Big Sick: How to cope with high levels of sick leave

Sickness absence is one of the most onerous challenges an employer faces in guaranteeing the smooth operation of an organisation. It can be tough to keep absenteeism under control. Fortunately, there are ways to plan ahead of time and, in the end, improve sick leave for everyone’s benefit at work.

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Bring your for-purpose passion to that big interview: 5 tips from Do Good Jobs

If you’re considering of working for a not-for-profit organisation, you’re about to begin on a rewarding and exciting career path. Getting a job, which requires interview preparation, would most likely be the first difficulty. Probably the first challenge will be getting a job, which means preparing for the interview. As with any line of work, there are certain specifics to know when preparing for the job interview.

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The great opportunity for professional realignment

Whether you plan to leave your job in search of something better or stay put and negotiate for better terms, the tips in this blow will help you take advantage of the “Great Resignation” to improve your career – both in terms of how it fits you and how it contributes to the kind of world we’re trying to build back better.

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5 Steps to Retain Staff During the Great Resignation

Many employees have been quitting their jobs and many organisations are having trouble filling their current openings. As an employer, there are lots to be concerned about, but there are also some steps you can do to help you keep your employees through the Great Resignation.

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How to answer the “what is your expected salary” question

There may not be a more sensitive job interview question than “What is your expected salary?” Not only is it difficult for many individuals to talk about money, but giving the wrong answer might immediately eliminate you from consideration or force you to work for less than you deserve.

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2022 Labour Market Trends

The events of the past couple of years took a strange, unexpected toll on the labor market. Here are the workplace trends HR pros and employers will want to prepare for as we turn the calendar year.

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