Jane Riley



Jane has a background in Human Resources and has worked in a variety of countries and industries including TV Production, Local Government, Investment Banking, Higher Education and Non-Profits.

She currently freelances as an HR Specialist providing HR advice & services to both non-profit and corporate clients.

Her areas of interest for blogging include (amongst others): Corporate Social Responsibility, Health and Safety, Emotional Intelligence, Work /Life Balance and Creativity at Work.

Jane has a passion for animals (especially Rhino’s and Dogs!) has volunteered on a Rhino Sanctuary in Africa and is a Fundraiser for the SPCA Fiji Islands. Within NZ she has been Team Captain for ‘Relay for Life’ and a Marshall on the Routeburn Classic race.

Jane can be contacted at [email protected]

Jane Riley's posts

Stop your best employees from quitting in the New Year

The new year is traditionally a time when people look to make changes to their lives – which can often include a change of job or career. Losing good employees can be costly in so many ways – from the cost of recruitment and training of a new employee, the loss of knowledge and skills to […]

The 4 C’s of Effective Change Management

Why do organisations need to change? Organisations are fluid and impacted by both internal and external factors.  Not managing changes effectively can be devastating and long-lasting, so it’s important to understand the potential issues and equip ourselves with techniques to support change-management initiatives, especially in the do-good space.   Factors for change The Chartered Institute […]

The Perfect Post-Interview Thank-You

  You’ve just wrapped up an interview, and you’re wondering if you need to send a thank-you card or email to your interviewee – the answer, YES! Here’s Jane’s HR perspective on post-interview thank-you best practice and what to expect in the days and weeks post your interview. — After your interview send an email […]

Job interview tips

Interview like a boss!

I recently spent time facilitating a number of interview panel workshops. Part of this training involved participants’ having a go role playing as an interviewer. This meant it was necessary for someone to play the part of interviewee (me!). While the focus of the session was on the panel’s activities, observing numerous mock interviews did give […]

The Interview: notes from the other side feature image

The Interview: notes from the other side

As an HR practitioner with around 15 years in the field, I have sat on a huge number of interview panels. These have been across a range of industries as well as in a number of different countries. Certain things have stood out during my time on the ‘other side’ of the table, with this […]

Self-care at work featured image

Self-care at work

Self-care, what does it really mean and how can we practice self-care to benefit our work and personal lives.

CV tips

Why your CV sucks, and CV tips to make it better…

The amount of time recruiters and HR folk spend on each resume is limited, even more so when they have a large volume to look through. So to get yourself from no job to new job, your CV needs to stand out and for the right reasons. With the abundance of (oftentimes conflicting) information on […]