David Binstead



David is an actionable thinker & real-world problem solver, with proven performance and outcomes across diverse roles and sectors. His professional commitment is to add and enhance brand value in a sustainable and inclusive manner, whether contributing to, or leading and nurturing teams. He consults to organisations and brands to define strategy; create and implement marketing communications plans; and close the engagement loop by delivering meaningful content.

He runs the Twice Podcast – gathering guests who are positively contributing to, and doing good for, society across disciplines and fields of expertise. Our focus is capturing and revealing some of the founder stories and journeys to now of social enterprisers, creatives and innovators from Wellington, New Zealand.

David Binstead's posts

TwicePodcast#44a: Jingo, Mental Health and Refugees

With this month’s theme on Mental Health we wanted to share Twice Podcasts chat with Marianne and Murdoch, as they discuss Mental Health, Refugees and Beer. Get the inside and authentic stories of two fine sorts driving people-powered change and working to double NZ’s refugee quota. With beer on the side. Marianne is a self-described […]

TwicePodcast#45: Nest Building While Egg Sitting, with Silva and Ants from Enspiral

With this month’s focus on social enterprise, I dug into Twice Podcast’s treasure trove of chats to bring you a story about Ants and Silvia – makers and doers of good business – and members of Enspiral. Enspiral is a decentralised network of people ‘working on stuff that matters’. They share frank and useful learnings on their journeys […]