Tēnā koutou. I’m Carolyn.

When I was an employee, I always seemed to end up having “content writer” added to my job description. I didn’t mind, because I love the written word and I considered it a perk to be asked to do it.

In late 2018, I found myself having to think about what I was going to do for an income, as a favourite job – working for New Internationalist magazine – came to an end. I wanted to continue to live up to my values of doing good and meaningful work, but quickly discovered that those jobs are really hard to get! With the encouragement of wonderful friends, I decided to reinvent myself as a freelance copywriter and turn the ‘perk’ into a full-time occupation.

I enjoy writing stuff that engages readers, makes them feel like they are in a conversation with the screen, and doesn’t require a dictionary on standby to make sense of what I have written.

When I am not creating content, I like to keep busy volunteering for various not for profits; throwing sticks to my step-dog as we walk along North Beach in Christchurch, and enjoying the company of friends. If you would like to know more, head on over to my website or email me at [email protected]

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