Anita Perkins



Anita is currently hunting for jobs using her skills in research, writing and policy analysis.

With a passion for travel, she has taught English in a number of countries, and spent a few seasons skiing in Japan. She also has a PhD in German travel writing and experience studying and living in Germany.

With a strong interest in other cultures and languages, she has been an active member of the Asia NZ Foundation leadership network since 2008.

She has worked as a freelance writer and also enjoys writing for fun.

Anita Perkins's posts

Job interviews and the art of (celebrity) reinvention

  How approaching a job interview can feel like making a celebrity comeback From Puff-daddy to P-diddy, from Prince to the artist formerly known as (rest in peace), from Beyonce to Sasha Fierce and back; what do these celebrity reinventions have to do with job interviews, you ask? Each time you approach a job interview, […]

5 tips for job hunting with recruitment agents

Welcome to the world of recruitment agents! If you are hunting for a new role in the areas of administration, government, IT or digital media (and sometimes charities), chances are you may be considering working with a recruitment agency. You might be full time hunting or just testing the waters and looking for a confidential […]

Keeping confident in the unknown time of the job hunt

The NeverEnding Story? The weeks tick by and you’ve put in heaps of energy, you’ve almost made it to landing a new job, but not quite: pick self up, rinse, repeat. You find yourself placing a lot more value on horoscopes and inspirational quotes than usual. Give me a sign! When will it happen? When […]

Throwing in the Towel

By Anita Perkins Many people said it was a brave thing to do, though I didn’t necessarily feel that way. Nanna said ‘congratulations on throwing the towel in.’ As a languages person, this made me wonder whether the saying originated from the actions of a disgruntled medieval kitchen hand of some description, walking out on […]