Anita Perkins



Anita is currently hunting for jobs using her skills in research, writing and policy analysis.

With a passion for travel, she has taught English in a number of countries, and spent a few seasons skiing in Japan. She also has a PhD in German travel writing and experience studying and living in Germany.

With a strong interest in other cultures and languages, she has been an active member of the Asia NZ Foundation leadership network since 2008.

She has worked as a freelance writer and also enjoys writing for fun.

Anita Perkins's posts

Job interviews and the art of (celebrity) reinvention feature image

Job interviews and the art of (celebrity) reinvention

  How approaching a job interview can feel like making a celebrity comeback From Puff-daddy to P-diddy, from Prince to the artist formerly known as (rest in peace), from Beyonce to Sasha Fierce and back; what do these celebrity reinventions have to do with job interviews, you ask? Each time you approach a job interview, […]

5 tips for job hunting with recruitment agents featured image

5 tips for job hunting with recruitment agents

Welcome to the world of recruitment agents! If you are hunting for a new role in the areas of administration, government, IT or digital media (and sometimes charities), chances are you may be considering working with a recruitment agency. You might be full time hunting or just testing the waters and looking for a confidential […]

Keeping confident in the unknown time of the job hunt featured image

Keeping confident in the unknown time of the job hunt

The NeverEnding Story? The weeks tick by and you’ve put in heaps of energy, you’ve almost made it to landing a new job, but not quite: pick self up, rinse, repeat. You find yourself placing a lot more value on horoscopes and inspirational quotes than usual. Give me a sign! When will it happen? When […]

Throwing in the Towel featured image

Throwing in the Towel

By Anita Perkins Many people said it was a brave thing to do, though I didn’t necessarily feel that way. Nanna said ‘congratulations on throwing the towel in.’ As a languages person, this made me wonder whether the saying originated from the actions of a disgruntled medieval kitchen hand of some description, walking out on […]