Hi! I’m Alanna…

I speak and write about my work.

I explore bossless leadership and create collaborative technology.

I reconstruct organisations and processes for cooperative systems.

I grow pro-social, values-based, open-source companies & communities.

I redefine ownership and governance for a radically optimistic future.

Born in San Francisco, I worked in Asia and Europe before settling in New Zealand.

I love cats, I can stand on my head, I’m fluent in Japanese, and my favourite food is kale.

I recently changed my name from Alanna Krause to Alanna Irving.

Alanna's posts

The Leadership Factor-X: Can it be taught?

Guest post: Alanna Irving — “What is it that makes you a leader? Why is it you who often takes the lead?” This question was posed to us, a group of relatively young people at different points in our professional journeys, by our facilitator, Suze Wilson, at the Asia New Zealand Foundation’s Rethinking Leadership hui. […]