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How to Ask Right when it comes to Grant Writing

Posted by | November 8, 2021 | Ask an expert, Charity sector insights, Do Good Chats, For your career, Live

Grants make up a key part of the fundraising mix for many Kiwi not-for-profit organisations. If you are new to this space or want to ramp up your grant income, check out this Do Good Live Chat.

In this Do Good Live Chat we have two experts on this topic – Dave Marsh and Stephanie Pietromonaco – from AskRIGHT an organisation that has helped over 550 nonprofits raise more than $1 billion in Australia & New Zealand, about the art of grant writing.

Watch this recording to find learn more about:

✴️ Why grant writing is a key tool you need to master for your fundraising mix
✴️ The struggles you might face when starting out writing grants
✴️ Red flags and things to avoid when you are writing grant applications
✴️ The 10 tips for writing and submitting grant applications –

Access “10 Powerful Grant Writing Tips” from AskRIGHT here:

Booklet – 10 Powerful Grant Writing Tips