Interview tip: you can’t fake passion

Long ago I applied for a job involving child care. Beyond quoting Whitney Houston – ‘I believe that children are our future’, I had nothing much to say. My CV showed zero contact or interest with kids – no volunteer work, no sports coaching, no teaching, not even a stint of babysitting. If my referees […]

Create an All-Star profile on LinkedIn

You might think of LinkedIn as just an “online resume site” or “the boring social networking site”, but now with over 259 million members in over 200 countries and territories it’s a heavyweight in the online networking scene. LinkedIn has allowed you and your connections to be visible and these have powerful benefits. But how […]

Learning from rejection: finding out why you didn’t get the job

No one likes being rejected. This is why getting useful feedback after an unsuccessful interview is hard. It takes courage and confidence to go back and find out exactly why they didn’t want you. The more you wanted the job, the harder it is. To be honest, even if you had decided against taking a […]

Seeking work? Think before you tweet

You’re being checked out. Unfortunately not in the way you want. You may not be aware but your social networking accounts are being scrutinised by company recruiters and possible employers. Online social media is here and part of our modern lives. We are more connected to the world than ever before in history. We have […]

Volunteer your way to awesome (jobs)

There are a bunch of different ways to improve your chances in the job market. For example, research suggests that one of the most effective things you can do to get that dream job is to be more beautiful. On average, beautiful people bring in higher salaries,1 and, if you’re smoking hot, you’re more likely […]

12 things you MUST do before submitting your job application

There are some simple things you can do to your job application that will make a BIG difference to your level of success. They are small things, but they can be easily forgotten, especially when you are at that final stage and have been agonising over it for so long. Here’s our checklist of some […]

Do Good Dream Job: Kowhai Montgomery, One Percent Collective

Recently we talked to Pat Shepherd, Founder of One Percent Collective, about his recent experience hiring through Do Good Jobs. This week we talk to Kowhai, the successful candidate, about her new job with Pat and the skills required to get it.  What does One Percent Collective do? We exist to inspire a movement in […]

One Percent Collective : how we recruited our perfect employee

Recently One Percent Collective were looking for a Storyteller/Fundraiser. As a new charity and a small team it was the first role they had advertised. This meant it was extra critical to get the right type of person with the right skills. We chatted to Founder and Director Pat Shepherd to find out what he […]

Don’t apply, get your foot in the door!

A year ago I took a receptionist role in an organisation I was interested in as a ‘foot in the door’. I wasn’t looking for a receptionist role. A few of my friends told me it was too basic for my level of skills but the problem was that my CV did not reflect that. […]

Ace that interview: how body language can change your career

Last year I was preparing for a job interview when I happened to stumble across this great TED talk from Amy Cuddy, a Harvard Business School professor, about how tiny changes in your body language can radically change your job performance and career. She says certain “power poses” immediately change your body chemistry. I took […]

Taking your power back with internships

Recently I wanted to quit my job. Contractually and morally, I was bound. As we looked at my trial period clause that said I had to give a months notice and my employers only had to give me three days, my boss complained that everything was in favour of the employee these days. I was confused. […]

Ask an expert: 8 tips for acing a behavioural-based interview

Behavioural based interview. The words alone used to make us want to run for the hills, but not any longer thanks to a fantastic chat with Rohan Wakefield. He gave us some key points and top tips to pass on to you all. Check them out, try them out and be better prepared and more […]

How to change your career: 3 tips to find new & fulfilling work

You know you want to make a difference in the world right? But how? There are so many different ways to make a difference. You might be leaving high school and trying to decide what to do next, or you could be well into your working life and suddenly realise you aren’t being fulfilled. Either […]