Do-Gooder Chat: Paul Bedggood

Paul Bedggood is the Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA) Programme Manager based in Bougainville. He’s also a three-time VSA volunteer and all-round good guy (so much so that the word is even embedded in his name!). The VSA Programme Manager role calls for people prepared to turn their hand to anything, from mingling with ministers and diplomats […]

Answering Behavioural Based Interviews Questions

You have a big interview looming. You’re nervous. You’ve heard that the questions are tough. No doubt you have prepared all the answers to the cliché questions focusing on your strengths and weaknesses….What you may not be as prepared for are the dreaded behavioural questions that are increasingly common in job interviews. These questions are […]

Stress management for Highly Sensitive People

Do you wish you could withdraw to a blanket-fort? Do you fantasize about switching an open-plan office for a cubicle-oasis of bliss? Do you feel like work-related criticism or bright lights seems to effect you more than your colleagues? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you may be a Highly Sensitive […]

Job interviews and the art of (celebrity) reinvention

  How approaching a job interview can feel like making a celebrity comeback From Puff-daddy to P-diddy, from Prince to the artist formerly known as (rest in peace), from Beyonce to Sasha Fierce and back; what do these celebrity reinventions have to do with job interviews, you ask? Each time you approach a job interview, […]

Why I refuse to work for free…

Talk to enough people in the progressive and NGO sectors and you will find those who work more than they are paid for. There are a few ways this can manifest. Perhaps they don’t claim for the exact hours they work, don’t file for overtime, skip lunch breaks and holidays, or regularly gift their time […]

Do Gooder Chat: Reuben Harcourt

Reuben is the “Chief Spoon Bender” for The One Percent Collective – a storyteller that’s out to drive change and make magic stuff happen. He’s a newbie to working in the charity sector, but from what I’ve seen, he’s keen to learn, has bucket loads of enthusiasm and is an all-round goodie! I might be […]

Eight ways to change career

The precursor to considering a change of career is discontent. Sometimes we suffer years of it before we take action. We humans are complex creatures, but getting to the bottom of your ennui is the foundation to creating a better life. Sometimes people make massive changes to create a different work life only to realise […]

Do-Gooder Chat: Ashlee on why everyone needs good neighbours

Everybody needs good neighbours – and I don’t mean this in an Australian soap opera kind of way (though I was a huge fan back in the Kylie and Jason days!). Right now, my desk neighbour at my co-working spot at the Bizdojo is Ashlee. And guess what? Ashlee is a Do Good Jobs success […]

Self-care at work

Self-care, what does it really mean and how can we practice self-care to benefit our work and personal lives.

‘One True Calling’ Isn’t For All: 5 Talented ‘Jack of all Trades’

You’ve probably heard the saying “jack of all trades, master of none”, but do you know there’s an additional line? Jack of all trades, master of none, though oftentimes better than master of one The addition of seven words turns an insult into encouragement. Fingers in lots of pies? Great! Pies are really delicious. Why stick to […]

Advice from an Amateur: Millennials and the job search to Do Good

  I find it encouraging to know that a new generation of do-gooders are in the wings, the future leaders of Kiwi charities and good business. Jemma has contributed a blog post about her thoughts (and excitement) about being able to join the do-good workforce fresh from university, and the challenges of achieving this as […]

Wisdom for the new year

I love new year’s resolutions. I love making new year’s resolutions, anyway (learn to drive! write a book! talk to cute person who works at neighbourhood coffee shop!)*. The task of actually resolving new year’s resolutions is a bit of a different story. Despite faithfully resolving to learn to drive for the last five years, the number of […]

Why your CV sucks, and now for how to make it better…

The amount of time recruiters and HR folk spend on each resume is limited, even more so when they have a large volume to look through. So to get yourself from no job to new job, your CV needs to stand out and for the right reasons. With the abundance of (oftentimes conflicting) information on […]

Do-Gooder Chat: Marion Wood

Marion Wood has been involved in so many do-good causes – from fair trade to organics, treaty issues to international development. A

Do-Gooder Chat: Natalie Robinson, Mum’s Garage

Creator, opportunist and doer. Meet Natalie, who left the secure career path as a banker to step out on her own and support early-stage entrepreneurs.  Natalie talks to me about her new start-up and gives some advice for those who want to be better than average…   Tell us more about the idea behind Mum’s […]