Job interview tips

Interview like a boss!

I recently spent time facilitating a number of interview panel workshops. Part of this training involved participants’ having a go role playing as an interviewer. This meant it was necessary for someone to play the part of interviewee (me!). While the focus of the session was on the panel’s activities, observing numerous mock interviews did give […]

Good Sort: Liz Kemp

“I enjoy working with people, seeing the improvement in tenants lives as well as their homes. I realise how important it is for people to have a stable, safe and well maintained home and how this contributes to their wellbeing in other aspects of their lives” – Liz Kemp Liz is the Housing Officer for […]

CV makeover: Q&A

  Ok, you’ve made the resolution. It’s a new job for you this year! It’s time to dust off your CV and give it some TLC – it’s makeover time! We sat down in a Facebook Live chat with Antonia from Blue Dot HR a few months back to help answer some of your CV […]

Post holiday blues: life sucks, work is dumb

My good buddy Amelia recently drew this picture. Judging by the response she got when she posted it on Facebook, it resonated with a lot of people with week-one back to work blues. So, how can we make life suck less, and for work to be less dumb after an outstanding holiday break? Here are […]

12 Good Reads For Your Not-For-Profit Career

“The great thing about reading is that it broadens your life” –  George R.R. Martin (Author, Game of Thrones). While Game of Thrones might have added some colour (and gore) to my life, there are a whole load more books which have broadened my not for profit career.   Here is a compilation I’ve put […]

Good Sort: Rod Baxter

Rod Baxter is a long-time youth worker who has just landed a job as New Zealand Red Cross’s National Youth Development Advisor. Tessa Johnstone caught up with him just before the move as he reflected on how he’d ended up staying 14 years in one organisation, and what he had learned along the way. Youth […]

Good stuff: The 2016 Do-Gooder’s Guide to Christmas

                                         I remember (or rather I get reminded of) the time I gave my sister one lolly for a Christmas present, as I ate the rest of the box (sorry Rachel!). I was very young and […]

Good Sort: Marianne Elliot

  I don’t think anyone ever said to me “Find the place where you thrive.” I always thought I had to find the place where I could have the most impact, do the most good.  But, I’m learning, you have the most impact if you are thriving.    A writer, yoga teacher, human rights advocate, […]

Good Cause: Pablos Art Studio

“Great art is clear thinking about mixed feelings” – WH Auden When I first met Dee Dahlberg at Pablos Art Studio, she introduced me to a place that was clearly doing a lot of good in the Wellington community.  Pablos Art Studio provides people who have experience of mental ill health with free materials, tuition […]

Good skills: 30 Minute Fundraising

If you are planning a career in the charity sector, being a Jack, or Jill, of all trades is pretty much guaranteed to be in your job description. Knowing a little bit (or a lot) about fundraising can be particularly important. This week’s blog provides some expert advice from Kerri Tilby-Price. Kerri runs Exult and […]

Good sort: Emily Dowding-Smith

Corporate lawyer,  turned explorer, writer, environmental change agent and much more… including, you know, just snorkeling across the Arctic to raise awareness about disappearing sea ice. Emily’s dream is that every New Zealander has healthy food on their table that is better for people, our waterways, soils and oceans. Through her role at the Sustainable […]

The Interview: notes from the other side

As an HR practitioner with around 15 years in the field, I have sat on a huge number of interview panels. These have been across a range of industries as well as in a number of different countries. Certain things have stood out during my time on the ‘other side’ of the table, with this […]

Do Gooder Chat: Anna Watson

When I sat down with Anna Watson at the iconic central Wellington Lido café, we got straight into chatting about careers, passions and the hopeful blending of those into one. She began by referring me to David Sedaris’ “Four Burners Theory”, shared on Do Good Jobs, a theory on life that had recently caught her […]

When nothing is(n’t) good enough

After months of near total perfect silent Nothingness. After more than 200 job applications resulting in less than ten one line emails, I was broken. Absolutely and utterly broken. In a world, in a country, in a class, in a family that values your job as a measure of your success, I was a failure […]

Do-Gooder Voices: Fiona Millar

Where are you working at the moment Fiona? I’m the Community Projects Manager of Child Labor Free Foundation ( I started less than a month ago!) and am also writing for GOOD Travel. Can you tell us what Child Labor Free Foundation does? Child Labor Free is a simple concept to address a complex problem. […]

Sitting is the new smoking: 7 tips to move it, move it

You’re probably familiar with the trope “sitting is the new smoking”. Everything is the new smoking if you do it too long and in positions that are not ergonomic.  Sitting, standing, using devices, staring, emailing, collaborating, sleep deprivation, drinking and even smoking are the new smoking. The push for Wellness is a movement that’s here […]

Do-Gooder Chat: Ben Gleisner

  Ex-treasury economist, social entrepreneur, strawbale home builder, hospitality guru and more. Ben’s a do-gooder that’s good at getting stuff done. He’s the co-founder and CEO of Conscious Consumers, a social enterprise that connects consumers with businesses who care about looking after the planet. Here’s more about his career path, what he’s doing now and […]

The group interview

It was a perplexing phone call. My job application had been successful and they had narrowed applicants down to 12 from 100+ applicants. I was excited about the role. So this was good news… Would I care to join them for a group job interview? I would need to prepare some sort of activity for […]